Jessie Lee Montague, lead singer and songwriter of Jake


“Bridge” (Desert Dog)

Spirits, souls, breezes and emotional ghosts pass through solid places, including people and doors, with remarkable ease in several of the songs on Jake’s terrific new album. That spiritual transparency matches the gossamer, whispery vocals of lead singer and songwriter Jessie Lee Montague that hover ghostlike over the arrangements, lending the effort a soulful, ethereal feel even as it seduces with the palpable physicality of John Annese’s crying, hard-rock guitar lines and Montague’s alluring, come-hither phrasing. John Medeski is on hand to lend colors on keyboard to one of the slinkiest, funkiest albums to come out of the Woodstock, N.Y.-area since the 1970s. [ 6/6/04 ]

---Seth Rogovoy

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