Various Artists

Various Artists

“Nuevo Latino” (Putumayo)

For years Latin music has been making its influence felt in North American pop, from the Brazilian dance craze of the 1950s to Santana’s Latin-rock in the 1960s to the Caribbean disco-dance beats of the ‘70s and ‘80s to the Latin fusions of Paul Simon, David Byrne and Sting in the 1990s. This collection of 11 tracks by young Latin artists shows the influence goes both ways, from the electro-tango of Federico Aubele to the indie-rock/bossa nova fusion of the Mosquitos to the Mediterranean hip-hop of Kad Achouri to the Spanish reggae of Sergent Garcia. In sum, a genre-defying sampler of the best trends in new Latin music. [5/23/04 ]

---Seth Rogovoy

[This review originally appeared in the Berkshire Eagle on May 23, 2004. Copyright Seth Rogovoy 2004. All rights reserved.]

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