Issi Rozen

"Dark Beauty"

Issi Rozen

“Dark Beauty” (New Step Music)

Issi Rozen has a delicate, haunting touch on electric guitar, and his melodies are fluid and gentle. In pianist Gilad Barkan, bassist Thomson Kneeland and drummer Harvey Wirht, the Israeli-born guitarist, who now calls Boston home, has assembled a sympathetic ensemble that, like Rozen, doesn’t beat his melodies to death, but lays them down with delicate, pastel brushstrokes. The result is moody, expansive jazz, suggestive of a desert sky at one moment and a hot breeze the next. Eight of the 10 tracks are Rozen originals; also included are one traditional Hebrew tune and a rendition of Charlie Parker’s “Segment.” [ 12/28/03 ]
--- Seth Rogovoy

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